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Sobre a mostra

Artwork by Atom Egoyan

Atom Egoyan does the artwork for the 27th Mostra. In a unique and innovative idea, the Mostra invited many filmmakers to shoot their impressions on the city of Sao Paulo. This was how "WELCOME TO SAO PAULO" started, a full-length film produced by the Mostra and dedicated to Abbas Kiarostami. The 27th Mostra was also an edition for reviving memories: of Japanese cinema with retrospectives from Yasujiro Ozu and Kiju Yoshida; of João César Monteiro’s transgression; and of the early days of cinema with live performances from guest instrumentalists who played along by following the music scores or by improvising with the piano. The initial atmosphere that existed when music and cinema were starting to work “hand-in-hand" was restored in 14 pieces by Mauritz Stiller, in “House of Mystery” by Alxandre Volkoff, and in “Chicago” by Frank Urson. The MOSTRA`S LOUNGE was also inaugurated this year. It is a space for filmmakers, producers, critics and the public to get together and share experiences.

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