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Artwork by Isabella Rossellini

The year of Brazilian Movies. More than 70 Brazilian movies, among which were features, medium-length features and short films were screened in the 29th MOSTRA’s program. This energy was strongly reflected in the awarding. For the first time the Jury Award for Best Fiction Feature was handed out to Brazil, with “CINEMA, ASPIRINS AND VULTURES”, by Marcelo Gomes, which also received a special jury award for BEST ACTOR to João Miguel, and Best Brazilian Movie in the opinion of the critics. “FOR A BETTER DAY”, by João Jardim, also standed out, which united both the Jury and the Public Choice Award for Best Documentary, in addition to the newly created Youth Award. Three other Brazilian movies were awarded. The feature “QUARTA B”, by tyro Marcelo Galvão, the medium-length feature “WET PAINT”, by Paula Azulay and Ricardo Van Steen, and the short film “THE PINK DIARY OF LORI LAMBY”, by Sung Sfai. The 29th MOSTRA was also marked by the beautiful tribute paid to Roberto Rossellini. In the opening night, short film “MY DAD IS A 100 YEARS OLD”, by Guy Maddin, was screened. It was written and acted by Rossellini’s notorious daughter, Isabella Rossellini, who was also responsible for the artworks of this edition of MOSTRA.

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