Imagem de Poster - Mostra de Cinema


Sobre a mostra

Artwork by Antonio Moraes

The Festival leaves MASP and becomes independent. The events office is temporarily set up in a room borrowed from the Municipal Culture Secretary, in Martinelli’s building’s penthouse. During this edition the federal police break into Metrópole Movie Theater, interrupt the Festival and revoke the injunction that allowed movies to be screened without prior censorship. The public was watching “The State of Things”, by Wim Wenders, and at the end of the screening they were caught off guard by the reading of a letter that brought the Mostra to a halt for four days. Public Choice Award: “Koyaanisqatsi”, by Godfrey Reggio (USA). Critics Award: “El Sur”, by Victor Erice (Spain). That year’s poster artwork was made through collective art based on an unique piece by Antonio Moraes.

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