Petrov`s Flu (2021)

Sobre o filme

With the city in the throes of a flu epidemic, the Petrov family struggles through yet another day in a country where the past is never past, the present is a booze-fueled, icy fever dream of violence and tenderness. While suffering from the flu, Petrov is carried by his friend Igor on a long walk, drifting in and out of fantasy and reality, in this deadpan, hallucinatory romp through post-Soviet Russia. Based on the novel The Petrovs in and Around the Flu, by Alexey Salnikov.

Winner of the Vulcain Prize for an artist technician (to the director of photography Vladislav Opelyants) at the Cannes Film Festival.

Título original: Petrovy V Grippe

Ano: 2021

Classificação: 16

Duração: 145 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Russia, France

Tags: Russia, France, literary adaptation, magic realism, social portrait, fantasy

Cor: Cor, P&b

Direção: Kirill Serebrennikov

Roteiro: Kirill Serebrennikov

Fotografia: Vladislav Opelyants

Montagem: Yuriy Karikh

Elenco: Semyon Serzin, Chulpan Khamatova, Yulia Peresild, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Yuriy Borisov, Ivan Dorn

Produtor: Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann, Pavel Burya

Produção: Hype Films, Charades Productions, Logical Pictures, Bord Cadre Films, Razor Film Production

Música: Aidar Salakhov

World Sales: Charades