The Yellow Ceiling (2022)

Sobre o filme

The documentary explains and denounces the Case of the Lleida Theater Classroom through its protagonists. In 2018, a group of 9 women filed a complaint against two of their teachers for sexual abuse that occurred between 2001 and 2008, when they were teenagers. It was too late. Out of fear, out of shame, because it took them a long time to understand and digest what had happened, the complaint came when the case had already been prescribed and was filed.

Presented at San Sebastián Film Festival.

Título original: El Sostre Groc

Ano: 2022

Classificação: 16

Duração: 93 min.

Gênero: Documentary

País: Spain

Tags: Spain, female directors, documentary, feminism, international festivals, crime

Cor: Cor

Direção: Isabel Coixet

Fotografia: Nadia S. Zafra

Montagem: Mariona Solé Altimira

Produtor: Isabel Coixet, Carla Sospedra

Produção: Miss Wasabi Films

World Sales: The Open Reel