Kamper (2023)

Sobre o filme

Robert and Klaudia have been together for a long time —but their relationship is going through a rough time, especially after the lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly, Filip, an old friend, shows up with Wera, a newly met unpredictable artist, and suggests they all take a trip through Europe. On the road, they all reevaluate their lives, loves and plans for the future.

Título original: Kamper

Ano: 2023

Classificação: 16

Duração: 76 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Poland

Tags: Poland, love relationship, friendship, road movie

Cor: Cor

Direção: Lukasz Suchocki

Roteiro: Łukasz Suchocki, Filip Hillesland

Fotografia: Łukasz Suchocki, Maciej Dydyński

Montagem: Łukasz Suchocki, Maciej Dydyński

Elenco: Dagmara Brodziak, Aleksandra Jachymek, Michał Krzywicki, Szymon Milas, Carlos Cervera, Tomasz Borczyk

Produtor: Łukasz Suchocki, Maciej Dydyński, Dagmara Brodziak, Wojtec Jeżowski, Filip Hillesland, Michał Krzywicki, Szymon Milas

Produção: Splot Film

Música: lessless

World Sales: The Open Reel