Tomorrow at Dawn (2009)

Sobre o filme

The relationship between two brothers, the youngest of whom has such a passion for historical battles that he is cut off from reality. Upon their mother`s request, Mathieu, the eldest, tries to help his younger brother Paul overcome his addiction to the mysterious, secret world where the lines between reality and rolling playing are blurred. To help his brother, Mathieu has no other choice but become part of this world himself.

Título original: Demain, Dès L`aube

Ano: 2009

Duração: 100

Gênero: Fiction

País: France

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Denis Dercourt, Jacques Sotty

Fotografia: Rémy Chevrin

Elenco: Mathieu Vincent Perez, Jérémie Rénier, Aurélien Recoing, Anne Marivin

Produtor: Michel Saint-Jean