Amelia (2004)

Sobre o filme

The choreographer Édouard Lock takes to the screen his famous ballet company, the La La Human Steps, from Montreal, challenging the audience’ visual perception with singular effects, camera moves and complex choreographies. All the virtuosity of the awarded company is shown from his technical point of view, with a minimalist approach and giving priority to each movement, all subjected to the delicate light of the photographer André Tupin. The camera interacts with the movements of the dancers, focusing the details, in the attempt of giving the audience a closer perception of the dance. Lock emphasizes that the film is not a dance show adaptation, but an entirely new vision of it.

Título original: Amelia

Ano: 2004

Duração: 60‚Äô minutos

País: Canada

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Édouard Lock

Fotografia: André Turpin

Elenco: Andrea Boardman, Nancy Crowley, Mistaya, Hemingway, Keir Knight, Chung Hong Li

Produtor: Mr. Pierre Touchette