Things (1995)

Sobre o filme

A drama based on the book Past Continuous, by Yaakov Shabtai, one of the greatest names in today’ Israeli prose. The film is part of a trilogy of cities (followed by Yom Yom and Kadosh). The protagonists are three men living in Tel Aviv, a city founded by Jewish pioneers in 1909. Cesar is a forty-something photographer and a lot of his time is spent on sexual conquests. He shares a tatty apartment with his 30-year old flatmate, Israel, a musician who has trouble overcoming his depression. Goldman, an older friend of both, is a lawyer who dreams of finding a great love to bring meaning to his life. At the moment, however, he is far from finding one since he still lives with his parents and is sunk into a drab and dull routine. The story builds a mosaic of a generation that has lost grips with its ancestral values and became disenchanted with politics.

Título original: Zihrom Devarim

Ano: 1995

Duração: 112‚Äô minutos

País: Israel

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Amos Gitai, Gilad Evron, Madi Levy

Fotografia: Renato Berta

Elenco: Assi Dayan, Azaria Rapaport, Lea Keonig, Maya Kadishman, Amos Schub, Menahem Golam, Amos Gitai

Produtor: Shuki Friedman