Common Places (2002)

Sobre o filme

Fernando Robles is a gentleman over sixty living in Buenos Aires. He devotes himself heart and soul to his profession as a university professor and he has a harmonious, lasting relationship with his wife, Liliana Rovira. She is Spanish, originally from Catalan, and works as social assistant on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. They have a son, Pedro, married and father of two children in Madrid. Fernando shows a certain lack of confidence in relation to the difficult reality of the country. He suffers a hard blow when he has news that he will be obliged to retire prematurely.

Título original: Lugares Comunes

Ano: 2002

Duração: 112 minutos

País: Argentina

Cor: Col


Roteiro: Adolfo Aristarain

Fotografia: Porfirio Enríquez

Elenco: Federico Luppi, Mercedes Sampietro, Arturo Puig, Carlos Santamaría, Yael Barnatan

Produtor: Gerardo Herrero