How Are You? (2009)

Sobre o filme

Semahat, who has immigrated to Istanbul from Sarajevo many years ago, decides to travel back to her homeland in spite of her age. She is joined by Fatih, who would like to film her voyage, and his friend Ufuk. When they arrive in Sarajevo, she finds her 82-year-old cousin Muhammed, and they all face the dreadful reality of the last war. Born and raised in Germany, Selim and his girlfriend Lidya hit the road to visit his family in Germany. On the way, they witness a murder, their car is taken away from them, they take shelter in a village and find themselves in the middle of an ethnic conflagration.

Título original: Kako Si?

Ano: 2009

Duração: 116

Gênero: Fiction

País: Turkey

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Äzlem Akovaligil

Fotografia: Cengiz Uzun

Elenco: Semahat Gorusanin, Mesut Akusta, Kemal Okur, Deniz Cakir, Atilla Oner

Produtor: Äzlem Akovaligil

Música: Murat Yasin