The Arquimedes Principle (2004)

Sobre o filme

Sonia is a successful fashion executive, who has no time for her son or husband. Her neighbor, Rocio, is also married and has a daughter. Although she is well educated and professionally very capable, she has no luck and only manages to get occasional work. Both these wish they had each other’s lives in the belief that they would be better off walking in one another’s shoes. Sonia needs some time and quiet to be with her son, whom she only sees in pajamas these days. Rocio, in turn, wants to be professionally recognized and seeks financial independence. Reaching their goals will be no easy task, since as the Archimedes Principle puts it, floating doesn’t depend on matter alone but on the liquid into which this matter will be immersed.

Título original: El Principio de Arquimedes

Ano: 2004

Duração: 100’ minutos

País: Spain

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Belén Gopegui

Fotografia: Alfredo Mayo

Elenco: Marta Belaustegui, Roberto Enrríquez, Blanca Oteyza, Alberto Jiménez, Vicky Penã

Produtor: Geraldo Herrero