Between Your Legs (1999)

Sobre o filme

A man and a woman meet each other at the first session for a group of sex addicts. She is Miranda, the editor of a night radio program who uses morning outings with her dog to have sexual encounters with every type of man. He is Javier, a talented script writer and film producer, bound to a sick relationship over the telephone with a mysterious woman who tells him all her sex adventures. They are attracted, immediately, from the very first encounter, but decide to carry through with the precepts of their group therapy, namely, to control their sexual impulses. After the group session, they go out to dinner and find themselves in a vicious circle of mysteries and revelation. In the restaurant, Miranda is recognized and promptly insulted by one of the waiters with whom she had intercourse in a park. Javier stands up for her and goes along with her to the radio station where a sound technician identifies him by his voice. And he learns that his erotic conversations have been recorded and sold all over Madrid. Javier and Miranda feel mutual compassion and cumplicity for each other, in their troubles. Desire is stronger than therapy.

Título original: Entre Las Piernas

Ano: 1999

Duração: 115 minutos

País: Spain

Cor: color, 35mm