Roads to Koktebel (2003)

Sobre o filme

Father and son leave Moscow and head for Koktebel, a seaside town on the Black Sea, with the intention of leaving behind the mother’s death and the alcoholic years. The father also wants to see his sister again. He had promised her to help raise her 11-year-old boy and build her a new life. During their journey, their difficulty in forming a bond is made clear since there’s hardly any evidence of affection between them. Nevertheless, father and son travel nearly 30 km on foot, hitchhiking or whatever means of transport comes handy. As they travel on, many strange people cross their way. One of them is a bad-tempered police officer who pokes them with a stick while they’re asleep. The officer asks them to follow him. Scared but curious, father and son try to figure out what comes next.

Título original: Roads to Koktebel

Ano: 2003

Duração: 100 minutos

País: Russia

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Boris Khlebnikov, Alexei Popogrebskij

Fotografia: Shandor Berkeshi

Elenco: Igor Csernyevics, Gleb Puskepalis, Aleksandr Ilyin, Vladimir Kucherenko, Agrippina Steklova

Produtor: Gennadi Popov