Evergreen (2004)

Sobre o filme

Henri is a young rebel of 14 living with her mother and grandmother on the outskirts of town. She is in permanent crisis owing to the precarious financial situation of the family which will not allow her to fulfill her teenage dreams. At school, she meets up with Chat Turly a boy who lives on the wealthy side of town on a standard Henri always dreamed of having. Determined to be part of this world at any cost, she draws farther and farther away from her mother and does all she can to get closer to the boy?s family, although she does find his behavior somewhat strange. With the passage of time, she discovers that Chat?s family life is far from ideal and begins to think again about her relationship with her own family and her role in it.

Título original: Evergreen

Ano: 2004

Duração: 86 minutos

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Enid Zentelis

Fotografia: Matthew Clark

Elenco: Cara Seymour, Mary Kay Place, Noah Fleiss, Gary Farmer, Lynn Cohen