Dark Woods (2003)

Sobre o filme

Five people from a TV broadcasting station make their way to forests in the wilds, in Norway, to try out a format for a ‘Real TV’ program, a reality show in which participants are chosen and put out to survive in an inhospitable environment. The authoritarian head of the project has selected a couple of friends and two girls, one of them Swedish, for the team. Gunnar plans to find the wooden hut he played in as a child in the summer. The group is expected to hunt for food, not to smoke, and not to use cell phones. In a small lake in an abandoned camp, the couple come across the body of a woman. Gunnar suggests that nothing be said about this to the girls. The incident, however, engenders mistrust, accusations, and paranoia in the group. The more they squabble among themselves, the greater they are in danger.

Título original: Vilmark

Ano: 2003

Duração: 80 minutos

País: Norway

Cor: Col

Direção: PÅL ØIE (PAL OYE)

Roteiro: Pål Øie, Christopher Grondahl

Fotografia: Sjur Aarthun, Tore Vollan

Elenco: Kristoffer Joner, Bjorn Floberg, Eva Röse,

Produtor: Jan Aksel Angeltvedt