Golem, the Spirit of Exile (1992)

Sobre o filme

To recount the story of a woman and her sisters forced into exile after the death of their husbands, the filmmaker and screenplay writer Amos Gitai sought inspiration from the Biblical character of Ruth and from the interpretation of the Golem - the mythical Jewish creature – according to the Spanish Kabala, which identifies it with exile and migrations. The feeling behind the story is highly autobiographical. The film was shot in Paris, where Gitai was living in a sort of self-exile following the ban on his documentary Field Diary (1982) in his home country, Israel. The genius behind this film is that it manages to convey its spiritual sense into awe-striking images, thus creating a poetic language that vividly captures the script’s dramatic impact, while also bringing it up-to-date as the story is set in modern day Paris. The central issue in Gitai’s film is the process of delocalization and unrooting, a recurring theme in the director’s works about the Golem legend.

Título original: Golem, L’ Esprit de L’exil

Ano: 1992

Duração: 105 minutos

País: France

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Amos Gitai

Fotografia: Henri Alekan

Elenco: Hanna Schygulla, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Samuel Fuller, Marisa Paredes, Bernardo Bertolucci

Produtor: Laurent Truchot