Golem, the Petrified Garden (1993)

Sobre o filme

Daniel is a well-respected art dealer who travels to Siberia in order to take possession of a much sought-after collection of art objects he has just inherited. On his journey, he takes along a huge sculpted hand, which he believes to be the missing part of a Golem, the mythical Jewish clay figure. He travels through Russia searching for the rest of the statue. At every stop, Daniel receives contradictory information about its whereabouts. He loses and regains track several times, and eventually finds himself in a journey that more and more becomes the search for his own identity.

Título original: Golem, Le Jardin Petrifié

Ano: 1993

Duração: 84 minutos

País: France

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Amos Gitai e Tonino Guerra

Fotografia: Henri Alekan, Luc Drion e Eduard Timlin

Elenco: Samuel Fuller, Yuri Klepikov, Hanna Schygulla, Jerome Koenig

Produtor: Amos Gitai e Laurent Truchot