Heimat 3.2 - The Champions (2004)

Sobre o filme

Seven months after work started on June 8th, 1990, the house of Clarissa and Hermann’s dreams is finally complete. Gunnar, on of those responsible for the work, is putting the final touch by installing an receiver on the roof. An important detail, given that the opening ceremony of the football World Cup is that day, and no-one wants to miss the first game, Argentina against Cameroon. The mood in the house is one of celebration, except in the case of Gunnar and his ex-wife, Petra, who left him for Hermann’s agent, Reinhold. She came to see him with the children, but announces that she wants a divorce and keep the children, but he doesn’t agree. Their conversation ends in argument. On the following day, Hermann’s brother, Ernst, leaves in his little Cessna airplane, along with Tobi, another worker on the house reform. The pair goes to Russia, in search of art treasures left behind from the collapse of the Soviet Union. But at the last minute, Tobi changes his mind. Meanwhile, Gunnar earns money by supplying millions of pieces of the fallen wall, and believes that, if he manages to become a successful businessman, he will win back his wife. Another national party unites Germany, when they win the World Cup.

Título original: Heimat 3.2 - Die Weltmeister

Ano: 2004

Duração: 100 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: Colorido e preto e branco


Roteiro: Edgar Reitz Thomas Brussig

Fotografia: Thomas Mauch (1 a 4), Christian Reitz (5 e 6)

Elenco: Henry Arnold, Salome Kammer, Michael Kausch, Matthias Kniesbeck, Christian Leonard, Constance Wetzel, Nicola Schössler, Uwe Steimle, Tom Quaas, Larissa Iwlewa, Peter Schneider, Heiko Senst, Julia Prochnow, Karen Hempel, Peter Götz

Produtor: Robert Busch