Hero (2002)

Sobre o filme

In the Century 3 BC, China was torn apart by bloody internal wars between seven kingdoms. The king of Qin, in the North Region, dreams of bringing the whole country under his command. One day, a nameless man appears before the king claiming a reward for having killed three of his fiercest enemies, the warriors Broken Sword, Flying Snow and Long Sky, who had sworn a death oath against him. The newcomer tells the king how he killed each of the warriors not only through the use of his sword and martial art skills, but also through astuteness, which allowed him to get to know each warrior’s weakness. But the king produces his own version of the facts narrated by the stranger. The story is told in flashback and revolves around the two men’s versions following the model adopted by Akira Kurosawa in his classic film, Rashomon.

Título original: Ying Xiong

Ano: 2002

Duração: 107 minutos

País: China

Cor: Colorido e preto e branco


Roteiro: Zhang Yimou, Li Feng, Wang Bing

Fotografia: Christopher Doyle

Elenco: Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Chen Daoming

Produtor: Zhang Yimou, William Kong