Johanna (2005)

Sobre o filme

Johanna is addicted to drugs and has barely survived an overdose after stealing morphine from a Hungarian government hospital. At death?s door, she is practically resuscitated and is kept on in the hospital disguised as a nurse, through the mediation of the doctor in charge, in love with her and who will not have her on the streets again. After her experience, she finds she has acquired a mysterious, unique capacity to cure. She has sex with the patients and delivers them as though by magic from their ills. She does not make love to the doctor who saved her because he is not ill. The doctor is indignant at the situation and is out to get her, but the grateful patients join forces to protect her.

Título original: Johanna

Ano: 2005

Duração: 88 minutos

País: Hungary

Cor: color, 35mm

Direção: Kornél Mundruczó

Roteiro: Kornél Mundruczó, Viktória Petrányi

Fotografia: András Nagy H.S. C, Mátyaás Erdély

Elenco: Orsi Tóth, Zsolt Trill

Produtor: Béla Tarr, Viktória Petrányi