Korda (2004)

Sobre o filme

The film focuses on the daily routine of character K. K lives in what is, apparently, a post-apocalyptic world of ever-empty streets, devoid of cars or people. K is a methodical, conscientious, organized individual with his life under absolute control. And, suddenly, something does interfere with this apparently perfect routine. As from then, K?s life goes into a vertiginous spin, and he can no longer keep a grip on anything at all.

Título original: Korda

Ano: 2004

Duração: 86 minutos

País: Brazil

Cor: p&b, 35mm


Roteiro: Marcos Andrade, Eduardo Nunes e Gilberto Loureiro

Fotografia: Alziro Barbosa, Gustavo Hadba

Elenco: odrigo Ferrarini, Gerson Reichert, Henrique Guerra, Hamério Sobrinho, Marcelo Fogli, Babo Xavier

Produtor: Sérgio Andrade