Aborigine Rugby Club (2003)

Sobre o filme

In the middle of the Argentinean jungle, a white man is saved by the great leader of the Tobas tribe, a group of Aborigines who are socially excluded and live away from civilization. This man teaches them how to play rugby, the famous 19th century English sport. He also teaches them how to defend their dignity, honor and rights, and they decide to set up the Aborigine Rugby Club. At the same time, the past of this charismatic coach ties him to extreme ideologies. This film invites us to a unique adventure into man’ consciousness.

Título original: La Quimera de Los Héroes

Ano: 2003

Duração: 70‚Äô minutos

País: Argentina

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Daniel Rosenfeld

Fotografia: Ramiro Aisenson

Elenco: Eduardo Rossi

Produtor: Federico Badía, Ana Laura Bonet, Verónica Cura