Moloch (1999)

Sobre o filme

Moloch is the name given to a malevolent deity worshiped by many ancient cultures - Greeks, Carthaginians, Jews and idolaters. This pagan idol, however, has always been associated with human sacrifices, and also known as "Prince of the Valley of Tears" and "Pest Sower." Moloch was the title chosen by director Alexander Sokurov to make a study of everyday life of Adolph Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun. The controversial film won the Best Screenplay Award at the Festival of Cannes/99. In the Bavarian Alps, to lonely Eva Braun is visited by the dreaded Hitler. He is not alone: Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister, and Martin Bormann, his chief aide, are with him. The order is not to speak of war, despite being in the spring of 1942. But tension is shown by discontent and impatience of Eve She knows she can not compete with the devotion of her lover and the Reich no longer supports their absurd speeches and his hypochondria. Even so, only she can understand it and be the lone voice daring to contradict him.

Título original: Moloch

Ano: 1999

Duração: 103 min

País: France

Cor: Color


Roteiro: Yuri Arabov, Marina Koreneva

Fotografia: Aleksei Fyodorov, Anatoli Rodionov

Elenco: Leonid Mosgovi Mosgovi, Elena Rufanova