Dark Horse (2005)

Sobre o filme

Daniel is a young graffitti artist living in Kopenhagen, ekeing out a living spraying declarations of love, to order, on walls around town. On the edge of the system and incapable of dealing with the adult world, he is the stereotype of failure itself. Deep in debt, he is consistently pursued by his creditors and, also, by the police. Even so, he goes through life unconcerned. Things begin to change when he falls madly in love with inconsequential Franc, an assistant in a bakery. He declares his love for the girl and invites her to share his apartment. The trouble is his best friend, Gradpa, also falls for Franc. And Gradpa is quite the opposite to Daniel: responsible, well brought-up, studious, with a life bound to rules.

Título original: Voksne Mennesker

Ano: 2005

Duração: 106 minutos

País: Denmark

Cor: p&b, 35mm


Roteiro: Dagur Kári, Rune Schj

Fotografia: Manuel Alberto Claro

Elenco: Mikael Bertelsen, Michelle Bjørn-Andersen,Nicolas Bro, Jakob Cedergren

Produtor: Birgitte Skov, Morten Kaufmann