The Battle of Chile: Part 1 (1975)

Sobre o filme

The year is 1973, a time of parliamentary elections in Chile. In the streets, interviews with the population in general show a country divided with, on one hand, those in favor of President Salvador Allende who has already started his program of socialist reform; and, on the other, the supporters of the opposition consisting of the National Party and of the Christian Democratic Party. The victory of the opposition, which had been estimated as certain, is not to be, aggravating the campaign to render the government non-viable, with boycotts in parliament, strikes, and with street demonstrations.

Título original: La Batalla de Chile: La Insurrección de La Burguesia

Ano: 1975

Duração: 191 minutos

País: Venezuela, France, Cuba

Cor: p&b


Roteiro: Patricio Guzmán

Fotografia: Jorge Müller Silva

Produtor: Patrício Guzmán