The Battle of Chile: Part 2 (1977)

Sobre o filme

The confrontation between the Allende supporters and the opposition has reached its most critical point. The population is oppressed by rationing of energy and food, the result of the boycotts to the government. A transportation strike paralyzes the country and paves the way to violence. The influence of the extreme right overthrows the opposition while the contradictions of the leftists aggravate the crisis. In an attempt to assume control of the situation, Allende calls for a plebiscite on September 11, 1974. And, the Palace of La Moneda is bombed on this same day.

Título original: La Batalla de Chile: El Golpe de Estado

Ano: 1977

Duração: 89 minutos

País: Cuba, Chile, France

Cor: p&b


Roteiro: Patricio Guzmán

Fotografia: Jorge Müller Silva

Produtor: Patricio Guzmán