The Gardener/the Cruelty of the World/ the Broken Spring Rose (1912)

Sobre o filme

A young girl falls in love with the son of her boss. The boy?s father does not look on the situation with benevolence and sends his son far away, apparently in an endeavor to cut off this relationship with a girl from a lower social class. The old man, however, is soon to show he has hidden intentions as to the girl whom he intends to seduce. The final sequence in the film, where the old man all but rapes her in a greenhouse full of flowers was the main reason the film was censored. This was the first film directed by Victor Sjöström. He was also in the role of the villain.

Título original: Trädsmästaren

Ano: 1912

Duração: 34 minutos

País: Sweden

Cor: p&b, 35mm


Roteiro: Mauritz Stiller

Fotografia: Julius Jaenzon

Elenco: Victor Sjöström, Gösta Ekman, Gunnar Bohman, Lili Beck, John Ekman