Tomorrow`s Weather (2003)

Sobre o filme

For 17 years, Józef Kozio lived in a monastery far from his wife?s infidelity and the repression of the Communist regime. During this time his wife moved to live with a business man, his son embarked on a political career, the oldest daughter was part of a reality show, and the youngest became addicted to the Internet. This is the scene that Józef meets up with when he leaves the monastery to perform with a group of monks in a sacred festival. He is recognized by his family, and the church authorities are shocked by the case, and expel him from the congregation. Józef is taken in by his wife and endeavors once more to be part of the family, but it is a different world.

Título original: Pagoda Na Jutro

Ano: 2003

Duração: 94 minutos

País: Poland

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Jerzy Stuhr, Mieczyslaw Herba

Fotografia: Edward Klosinski

Elenco: Jerzy Stuhr, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Maciej Stuhr, Barbara Kaluzna

Produtor: Jan Kaczmarski