The Fog of War (2002)

Sobre o filme

A portrait of the all-powerful former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara who held the position from 1961 until 1968. An ambiguous personality, McNamara talks of his decisions in a cold and distant manner, recollecting the historical episodes he was part of, such as the bombing of 67 Japanese cities at the end of World War II, the missile crisis in Cuba, in 1962, and the Vietnam War. Organized in 11 chapters, the film combines images on file, reconstitutions, photographs, original recordings, and a sound track composed by Philip Glass. The title is a play on words with the expression ‘dog of war’.

Título original: The Fog of War

Ano: 2002

Duração: 95 minutos

Cor: Colorido e preto e branco

Direção: Errol Morris

Fotografia: Peter Donahue, Robert Chappell

Elenco: Robert MacNamara

Produtor: Errol Morris, Michael Williams,Julie Ahlberg

Música: Phillip Glass