The Wind (1928)

Sobre o filme

After the death of her parents, young Letty goes to live with her cousin Beverly. She is soon in trouble with Cora, his wife, who is jealous and cannot view the affection the child arouses in her husband and their children with any degree of tolerance. She takes advantage of the fact that Letty is being courted by three boys, and insists that she marry one of them. Letty reluctantly chooses their neighbor, Lige. Soon after, an incident with one of the rejected suitors, unleashes a tragedy in Letty?s life. A powerful star, at this stage, the main character, Lillian Gish, demanded that MGM Studios assign Sjöström to be her director and Swedish actor Lars Hanson to star together with her. As a result, as she was to recollect in her memoirs on this film, this was one of the most difficult films in all of her life, the reason being the director insisted on filming the outdoor scenes in the Mojave desert, with nine enormous ventilators in action to blow the sand about.

Título original: The Wind

Ano: 1928

Duração: 71 minutos

Cor: p&b, 35mm


Roteiro: Frances Marion

Fotografia: John Arnold

Elenco: Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Montagu Love, Dorothy Cumming, William Orlamond