Wadi 1981 1991 (1981)

Sobre o filme

A second incursion of director Gitai into the Wadi Rushmia Valley, west of Haifa, where a former quarry became a sort of enclave for the excluded. Here, newly arrived Jewish immigrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe are mixed together with Palestinians evicted from their homes when Israeli State was established in 1948, and they live an unstable coexistence. In 1981, the filmmaker chose an Arab family, a Jewish family and a mixed couple to build up an intimate portrait of these complex relationships, which make the valley a possible symbol of peaceful coexistence for all the peoples that form the country.

Título original: Wadi 1981 1991

Ano: 1981

Duração: 41 minutos

País: Israel

Cor: Colorido


Roteiro: Amos Gitai